Antonio Cromartie Had a Vasectomy, So 10 Children with Eight Different Women Will Be It

Tear Up The Pierre

Antonio Cromartie, seen here with this wife, Terricka Cason, got a vasectomy in 2011, according to a new book. Cromartie, who is 29, has fathered 10 children with eight different women. The New York Post has seen the book – Collision Low Crossovers: A Year Inside the Turbulent World of NFL Football – which claims that in 2011, Cromartie got snipped.

“Walk-throughs the day before the game were uninteresting to most players, but not to Cromartie, who could never spend enough time on a football field. Cro had recently submitted to a vasectomy — ‘I got snipped,’ as he told [Dawidoff]. Eric Smith surveyed the jubilant, excised cornerback and said fondly, ‘I wish it had calmed him down!’”

Cromartie’s days with the Jets may be numbered – he’s having an awful season after a terrific 2012 – but New York fans will always have this moment in Hard Knocks. [via NY Post]

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