Is This The Play Where Trent Williams Was Allegedly Called "Fat Ass Garbage" by Umpire Roy Ellison?

Trent Williams and ref

Trent Williams, Washington’s left tackle, went on a tirade about being called “fat ass garbage” by an official after a loss to the Eagles. The Washington Post Insider had these comments.

During the final possession of the second quarter, Williams said, an official— Williams identified him by his uniform number, 81, which Sunday was worn by umpire Roy Ellison — approached him and called him a “garbage-(expletive), disrespectful mother (expletive).”

“If you rewind the play, you can see him walk by and say something,” Williams said. “You’ll see me turn around and say: ‘What was that?’

The above footage is right before the play at 3:27 of the 2nd quarter, after a lengthy delay for a video review of a fumble by Alfred Morris (that was reversed to down by contact).

You can see the umpire, Roy Ellison, backing up as the players approach the line of scrimmage and appear to say something and gesture at Williams. Williams turns to look back and throws his hands out. Niles Paul, lining up next to Williams, also looks back at the umpire as he is walking to the line. Robert Griffin III, while lining up in the pistol, turns and also looks at Ellison as he moves past him.

We don’t know what was said from that video, but it would corroborate Williams’ story that something happened on the field. It appears multiple Washington players heard it and reacted to something between Williams and Ellison.

According to Pro Football Talk, this is not the first incident where Ellison is alleged to have used abusive language. Former head of officials Mike Pereira said that he had to previously talk to Ellison, but no discipline was made because the prior accusation could not be corroborated.

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