Rajon Rondo's Reaction to the Celtics Stat Sheet During Their 24-Point Loss to the Rockets Was Priceless

The Boston Celtics were in Houston on Tuesday night to get crushed by the Rockets, 109-85. At one point during the game, Rajon Rondo took a look at the Celtics’ stat sheet. Who knows what he saw, but after he saw it, Rondo made a face and looked disgustedly and confusedly down the bench for answers. Maybe he saw a portion of Avery Bradley’s 5-22 performance that resulted in just 11 points, 0 assists and 3 turnovers. Or maybe he was wondering how Keith Bogans played 12 minutes and didn’t register a shot, rebound or assist. Or maybe it was just general disbelief that his team took 99 shots and only made 32.


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