Roundup: Lindsey Vonn Tears ACL, Ron Burgundy Sings For Rob Ford, JFK Assassination 50 Years Later

Premiere of 'G.B.F' - ArrivalsJoJo … Green Day saves the day … this is how you write a stupid essay, kids … Kelly Clarkson is pregnant … bowling lane re-purposed as a dining room counter … child molester seeks reduced sentence in exchange for castration … Macy’s is getting more interactive … anyone participating in the “knockout game” deserves horrible things … Adam Levine is the sexiest man alive … people in line for the XBox One … Adam Brody and Leighton Meester are engaged … Lindsey Vonn is hurt and the Olympics are in doubt … 

Winnipeg Jets ban helmets from helmet party. [Winnipeg Sun]

The Browns pranked T.J. Ward by putting a fake rat in his locker. [Deadspin]

On parity in the NFL. [Baltimore Sun]

Dorien Bryant is an openly gay (former) NFL player. [Philly Mag]

Turner plans to put the Final Four on multiple channels with different broadcast options. [Sports Business Daily]

Two University of Oklahoma players have been suspended for their next game. [KOCO]

Grinnell, their coach and their inflated, inorganic scoring records are an embarrassment. [CBS Sports]

Georges St. Pierre is OK. In fact, he’s on the beach. Vacationing. [Twitter]

Gabe Kapler talks about bullying in baseball. [FOX Sports]

Fifty years ago, the NFL played a full slate of games days after JFK was assassinated. [MMQB]

Rodeo clown does backflip over bull.

Watch from the 12-minute mark. Kid dives into the crowd and gets flipped. Also, watch the entire thing because Green Day rules.

C-Tates is the best.

Proposing at a rap battle is better than proposing most places.

Ron Burgundy was on Conan. He sang Loverboy for Rob Ford. Also, prison riot tips.

Because you want to see it first!

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