Joe Flacco Hates the Wildcat, Won't "Do Anything" When Lined up at Receiver

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The Baltimore Ravens, oddly, ran a lot of wildcat Sunday against the Jets. The Ravens flashed it against the Bears the week prior, but Sunday, they brought in backup QB Tyrod Taylor and put him under center four times, shoving their $120 million QB to receiver. The Ravens ran away from Flacco’s side each time.

Was this just a one-time thing because Baltimore was facing the NFL’s top run defense? Ray Rice was limited to 30 yards on 18 carries; Bernard Pierce could only muster 30 yards on 11 carries. Or was this John Harbaugh trying to send a message to his QB: Hey, you’re struggling, let’s try to throw a wrinkle at these guys.

What did Flacco think of the wildcat? If today’s comments are any indication, we won’t see it Thursday against the Steelers.

The Ravens are in the thick of the AFC playoff race for the last spot. They’ve got an improving defense, a sputtering QB, and a running back who appears to have lost a step this season.

Still, these sure are curious comments from a Super Bowl MVP two days before arguably their biggest game of the season. A loss means the Steelers own the tiebreaker over the Ravens, and you might as well shrink the Super Bowl champs’ playoff chances to single digits.

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