Roundup: Huge Chunk of Ice Falls on SUV, Jerami Grant's Dunk-Back & Watch an Officer Pull a Man From a Burning Car

kelly-brook-Kelly Brook … when superstition works? … a woman found this man masturbating in a Wal-mart bathroom … mall Santa charged with groping elf … thief allegedly steals iphone, mails the owner the sim card … being black in Portland, the whitest city in America … is Victoria Silvstedt ever not on a beach? … the knockout game is ‘phony panic?’ … Kiwi Gardner, YouTube ‘basketball legend‘ … MSNBC fired Alec Baldwin, or he quit … what it’s like to shadow an NFL beat reporter for a day … British reality stars go to the pool and it’s a big deal … grooming secrets of  NBA players … at ‘Penny Lane,’ prisoners who were being turned into double agents were given porn on request … “barfing pizza thrower jailed” … love this guy’s job description

Stony Brook University AD Jim Fiore was fired, and the school paid his $800k buyout, but based on all this information against him, geez, why did they do that? [ESPNW]

If you are a fan who sent the Washington State AD a nasty email, you’re on the CAN’T PURCHASE BOWL TICKETS list. [The Olympian]

John Clayton, one of the hardest-working NFL reporters in the business. [The News Tribune]

Jeff Pearlman goes long on Jovan Belcher a year after the former NFL player killed himself. [Bleacher Report]

While everyone’s writing off Peyton Manning after the Patriots loss, read this. You probably won’t. [ESPN the Magazine]

Because people can’t stop writing about fouls in college basketball. [Philly News]

The Jets aren’t passing, at all, the stats say. [Football Perspective]

Someone actually tried the ‘evil twin’ defense in court. [Gazette]

“Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis dislocated his finger early in the first quarter on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins, and the injury was so bad that it broke the skin and required stitches. Still, Davis didn’t miss any of the Panthers’ 63 defensive snaps.” [Observer]

What’s in that bag of green beans? Oh, the head of a snake. [via Cartmaniak]

Katie Nolan can dance, but she needs to dump that Tom Brady jersey.

Jerami Grant of Syracuse with an awesome dunk-back vs. Cal.

Police officer in Jersey pulls man from burning vehicle.

The driver survived this huge chunk of ice falling on his SUV.

Because you want to see it first!

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