Fastball: Where Combining Football With a Baseball Glove Makes It "The Most Exciting Sport in the World"

This has to be made up, right? I mean, this guy has to be throwing a curveball with this video, combined with a website touting “Fastball” as the “Most Exciting Sport in the World”.

What is “Fastball” and how do you create the most exciting sport in the world?

Well, you start with football.

Fat Guy with a Little BallThen you add baseball gloves, because we all know that the best way to make something the most exciting ever is to add something from baseball. No one disputes this.

The inspiration from Fastball comes from UFC, which took boxing and made it better by changing a few things. That’s science, and that is exactly why Fastball is a better version of football.

I know that people are concerned about the head injury issues with football and what it may do to the sport in the future. I think the NFL now has something else to be worried about. A Fastball under the chin.

One handed catches are exciting, making Fastball even more exciting

Because you want to see it first!

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