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Drew Sharp Has Ohio State 8th on His Ballot

Carlos Hyde Ohio State

Here’s everything that’s wrong with the college football BCS system: Drew Sharp, an otherwise sensible columnist for the Detroit Free Press (read: Michigan territory), voted undefeated Ohio State 8th in his poll this week.


The teams Sharp voted ahead of unbeaten Ohio State:

1 Florida State (0 losses)
2 Auburn (1 loss)
3 Missouri (1 loss)
4 Alabama (1 loss)
5 Oklahoma State (1 loss)
6 South Carolina (1 loss)
7 Stanford (2 losses)

The majority of voters have Ohio State 2nd. Nine voters have the Buckeyes third. Two have the Buckeyes 4th, one has OSU 5th.

Eighth? This man should not have a ballot.

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