Seahawks Fans Triggered a Small Earthquake During Michael Bennett's TD Return

Michael Bennett does an air-hump dance after scoring on Saints fumble

Hey did you hear the Seahawks fans were trying to be especially loud during Monday night’s game with the Saints? ESPN may or may not have mentioned this once during its broadcast if you were paying careful attention.

It turns out the Seattle fans at CenturyLink Field were so loud they triggered a very small earthquake. No, not that Earthquake.

Via the Seattle Times, Seahawks fans jumping up and down during Michael Bennett’s first-quarter touchdown return registered a magnitude 1 or 2 earthquake on a nearby University of Washington seismometer. Cool? How fortunate we are that the seismometer happened to be there to record this!

Maybe it’s time for everybody in Seattle to switch to decaf. (I’ll be here all week, folks. Please try the fish.)

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