Roundup: Dancing NBA Usher and Young Fan Square Off on Jimmy Kimmel and a Brawl in Victoria's Secret on Black Friday

rose mciverRose McIver … Sporting News parts with Editor-in-Chief Garry Howard … there are 2,481 pools in Beverly Hills and zero in Watts … fans of 80s New Wave music click here … “Bigotry And The Human Language” … how did nobody think this was a bad idea? … Stevan Ridley and fumble rates … two police officers were suspended after this video surfaced of them cursing out kids on a school bus … jerk breaks into house, changes locks, says he owns it … Amy Adams is in the latest issue of Vanity Fairdon’t diss Taylor Swift, no matter who you are … defending Memphis coach Josh Pastner … why do drunk Russians resist Alcoholics Anonymous? …

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Charlotte’s 2012 lottery pick, broke his left hand, and probably won’t return until January. [Observer]

Vince Doria defends ESPN’s coverage of NFL concussions. [Sherman Report]

Probably the best RGIII-Mike Shanahan column this week. [Washington Post]

Duke 79, Michigan 69, and the game was a bit of a letdown. [Free Press]

“Auburn Recovers Alabama Game-Winning Ball Valued at $100,000.” [Bloomberg]

Keep an eye on the Detroit Pistons, who beat the Heat last night, 107-97, thanks to 51 percent shooting, seven players in double figures, and a 10-point, 18-rebound performance from young stud Andre Drummond. [Sun-Sentinel]

Auburn fan who stole Gus Malzahn’s visor issues apology. [War Eagle Reader]

Should the NFL dump the chain gang for … lasers? [Denver Post]

Do nice players make their teammates worse? [Sabermetric Research]

Jason Kidd vs. Lawrence Frank is the latest subplot to the disaster that is the Brooklyn Nets. [Yahoo Sports]

The Dancing Usher and the chubby 11-year old went on Jimmy Kimmel. You should definitely watch it all. [via Cartmaniak]

Women brawling in a Victoria’s Secret on Black Friday. Happened in Maryland.

This squirrel keeps tipping over. Drunk? Hopefully.

Chargers fan dancing. [via Deadspin]

Eagle steals camera that was set up to watch crocodiles.

This is what the Top 25 pop songs of 2013 mashed together sounds like. [via Herbie]

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