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The SEC Does Not Know What Truman the Tiger Looks Like

Truman is not in the house

Chuck Dunlap, SEC Communications Director, tweeted out this photo with the comment: “So, Truman just sort of crashed our meeting.”

This is decidedly not Truman the Tiger. It looks like a knock off of the Auburn mascot wearing a black Missouri shirt. In fairness, the SEC couldn’t have known they would have to learn what Missouri’s mascot looked like so early. Truman, meanwhile, is probably off doing his own thing. Here’s what he looks like in case you come across someone claiming to be Truman in Atlanta this weekend.

Image (1) Missouri-Truman.jpg for post 249580

Chuck Dunlap received a lot of replies on Twitter after sending that out letting him know.

Truman the Tiger ?

[h/t: @derekduncan]


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