Roundup: Remembering Nelson Mandela; WWE Network Sounds Amazing & Paulie Walnuts on Sesame Street

rosiejones1Rosie Jones. … RIP Nelson Mandela. … The WWE Network reportedly will be a streaming app with access to every PPV and Raw in company’s archives. … Carrie Underwood took a beating on Twitter last night for NBCS’s live “Sound of Music.” … Lane Kiffin is selling his $7 million beach house.  … Bill Clinton’s doodling is as great as you would expect. … What if NFL QBs were bald? … Liliger Cubs, so cute! … 20 years ago today this glowing Osama Bin Laden profile was published. … Fire at a Philly tree lighting. … Consider yourself a 90s movie buff? Here’s a fun quiz (sigh) from Buzzfeed.  … Smoking weed will give you … moobs? …  Here’s one way to get a detention. … This sounds like one heck of a movie. … Explaining how Spotify makes money/pays artists. … Let’s talk Bitcoin heists.  … Jay-Z ranked his own albums. (I’d still go ‘Murder in the Make Believe Ballroom’ No. 1, see below) … “An erotic journey from Milan to Minsk.”… Nope. … Happy Birthday: Nick Bockwinkel (79); Larry Bowa (68); Judd Apatow (46); Tim Cahill (34); Syndric Steptoe (29); Johnny Manziel (21); … ‘Tis the season.

Nelson Mandela, a life in photos. [National Geographic]

15 of Nelson Mandela’s best quotes. [USA Today]

The 12 worst parents of the year, in Vines. [Hyper Vocal]

“If Cano signs with the Mariners, it will be the dumbest move by a free agent since (Alex) Rodriguez signed with the Rangers.” [Fox Sports]

Historic disparity in NBA conferences. [SI.com]

Grant Hill is now, apparently, a financial whiz. [Bloomberg]

Buy a nude cheerleader calendar, get a date. (England obviously  isn’t under the NCAA purview.) [Guysim]

Floridians and synthetic weed are mixing about as well as you’d expect. [Vice]

Interview with Zahir Belounis, French soccer player freed from Qatar. [BBC]

Story detailing Max Headroom’s pirate broadcast of a Chicago TV station in 1987. [Motherboard]

Bruce Arena wrote about today’s World Cup Draw. [LA Times]

A look back at Rajon Rondo in high school. [USAT]

“Speedy” outfielders hold their value fairly long. [FanGraphs]

The late Frank Zappa proposed a streaming/digital music service back in 1983. [Zappa]

19 GIFs of animals (including a kangaroo) attacking children. [Funny Or Die]

Breaking down the Heisman field. [700 Level]

Another Spiderman movie trailer. This one looks … amazing? (Beats me didn’t see the last one.)

Sopranos + Sesame Street.

So … you can do this with an iPad. Impressive. (Via @SM_Mulroy)

I’m including this video in order to shamelessly plug a post written by me from last Friday that nobody saw due to turkey-induced hangovers. If you enjoy the tenor of the Friday Roundup, it’s worth two minute of your time. /End groveling.

Agree wholeheartedly with Twitter super-user @Michael_Necci, Will Ferrell as Robert Goulet >>> Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy.

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