GIF: Shogun Rua's Brutal KO of James Te Huna (Also, Mark Hunt and Bigfoot Silva Are Awesome)

Shogun KO-a

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua knocked James Te Huna the f–k out at UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs. Bigfoot on Friday night in Australia. (So, really on Saturday in the future. Thank you time traveling MMA Gods.) It was Shogun’s first win since he beat Brandon Vera in August 2012.

Shogun KO-b

ESPN was on top of the result, sending the following notification to UFC fans


mark-hunt-bigfootExcellent use of the knockout Mauricio!

In other UFC Fight Night news that is not so easily gifable, Mark Hunt and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva fought to one of the most epic and fitting draws in the history of the sport. I mean, this fight was awesome. Fight of the Year-worthy stuff. By the end of the fight both men were covered in blood and barely able to stand on their own. It was the kind of fight we’ll write songs and poems and blog posts about. Ben Fowlkes has more words on the brawl over at MMA Junkie if you’re interested.

[grab via @Bauzen, Hunt and Bigfoot post-fight via @MarkHunt1974]

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