Roundup: Oregon Snowball Fight Targets Professor, Kobe Bryant's Return & Gus Malzahn's Big Raise

padmaPadma Lakshmi … trickiest tongue twister ever? … this woman was glued to a toilet seat in Home Depot … you’re not allowed to clear snow with a flamethrower in Fargo … SUV hits deer, deer flies, hits runner … the most heartbreaking story: Freshman arrives on Indiana’s campus, two days later, falls down the stairs, dies … the FBI can turn on your computer’s camera without you knowing it is on … the hypocrisy of liberal media … when you’re under fire for screwing up and you take a trip to the Cayman Islands, where you’re unreachable … why would he refuse to lower the flags for Mandela? … it’s good to be a media partner of the Redskins … this librarian recorded a lot of newscasts … how did this passenger who fell asleep get locked inside an airplane? …

David Simon on the divide between rich and poor in America. You need to read this. [The Guardian]

Amir Johnson scored 32 points for Toronto, which spoiled Kobe Bryant’s quiet return (9 points, 8 turnovers). [LA Times]

Houston writer thinks the Texans will pursue Lovie Smith, Stanford’s David Shaw and Ken Whisenhunt. [Chronicle]

This is a great BCS obit. [AL.com]

Ron Rivera has trademarker ‘Riverboat Ron.’ [Charlotte Magazine]

Temple has eliminated seven sports due to budget cuts. [Temple News]

Where does the Michigan Athletic Department get money, and where do they spent it? [John U Bacon]

Indiana wraps up a brutal 3-game stretch with a 118-94 loss in Oklahoma City. [Indy Star]

Yes, Verne Lundquist is great. Everyone likes him. [NY Post]

Newspaper reporter covered the Newtown school shootings and ended up quitting his job to spend more time with his kids. [Newsweek]

Last month, we wrote that the Dodgers were coming after ESPN announcer Orel Hershiser. They got him. [LA Times]

Gus Malzahn got a huge, deserved extension from Auburn over the weekend. [AL.com]

NBC Sports Network is excited about having close to 50 percent of its prime time schedule being live programming. [Newsday]

Karlos Williams with a trucking in the ACC title game.

Monta Ellis stunned the Blazers over the weekend with this buzzer-beater.

A Cleveland Cavaliers fan wandered onto the court and was quickly apprehended.

Check out these goats trying to escape an avalanche.

Oregon students – supposedly, football players were included – probably went a bit too far pelting this professor’s car with snowballs.

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