Win Probability Chart From Vikings - Ravens Looks Like the Worst Lie Detector Test Ever

ravens vikings win probability

The Ravens and Vikings set several records Sunday in the Baltimore snow, but this might be the best of them: the lead changed hands six times in the 4th quarter, and that’s a first. There were six TDs in the fourth quarter; five of them came between the 2:01 mark and :04. The heart-stopping finish is best chronicled in this win probability chart, which looks like it could be a lie detector test or one of those heart rate monitors in the hospital.

When was the last time you saw three touchdowns of 40+ yards in a :42 span … all in the final two minutes of the 4th quarter? Baltimore 29, Minnesota 26.

The worst part is that Ravens are now 7-6 and in a strong position to return to the playoffs, this time as the 6th seed. Should they get in, Baltimore will either travel to Cincinnati or New England in the opening round. [via Wager Minds]

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