ESPN New York Would Like To Wash Jason Kidd's Mouth Out With Soap For "13-Letter Expletive"

New Jersey Nets  v. Philadelphia 76ers

ESPN’s campaign to wash the sports media’s mouth out with soap continues unabated. First, it was getting its own personalities to stop using the term “sucks.” Now it’s moving beyond the Bristol-verse. ESPN New York led with a story that Nets coach Jason Kidd used (gasp!) a “13-letter word” during a heated exchange with soon to be former assistant Lawrence Frank.

The word in question, we presume, is “motherfucking.” Kidd did not call Frank a “motherfucker,” which would have been 12 letters and possibly noteworthy. He used “motherfucking” as an adjective for emphasis during a heated exchange, as in “what was the motherfucking point of writing about this?”

We suspect this campaign will end when it meets the mammoth task of rooting out inadvertent double entendres from football commentary.

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