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Idiot Auburn Fan Gets "War Eagel" Tattoo on Lower Back [UPDATE]

War Eagle or War Eagel

Idiots and tattoos share a deep and rich history, one that we’re confident won’t dissipate any time soon. So when the common and all too expected tattoo spelling gaffe presents itself, along with it comes a glass-half full “quick fix,” if you will.

After assessing this unfortunate situation for roughly 11 seconds, our cost-conscious solution would be to simply round out that first “E,” thus creating “War Bagel.” Boom, problem solved, though having a smart friend on-hand to spell check future body art wouldn’t be a bad idea. Dare to dream.

UPDATE: This is indeed a fake. It’s heartwarming to see that this rivalry has taken its scorching emotion to Photoshop in lieu of poisoning innocent trees.

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