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Nick Saban Will Be Next Texas Head Coach, Per Fort Worth Star Telegram Report [UPDATE]

Nick Saban Texas

This does not appear to be a drill. Stefan Stevenson, the TCU beat reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, citing a “source close to the Texas executive council of regents” is reporting that Nick Saban will be the next coach at Texas. This follows the Orangebloods.com report earlier in the day that Mack Brown will step down as head coach.


[UPDATE: Stevenson, after a long silence, has chimed in again. There’s some backpedaling. How does he go from “will be” to “very confident?”]

It’s not clear how this plays out, but, Nick Saban is about to be making stupid money, even more than he already was. Hire Jimmy Sexton as your agent, folks. Buckle up and be safe out there.

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