The Jason McIntyre Show: Rotoworld's Evan Silva & Josh Norris on the NFL Draft and Free Agency

Image (1) jay-cutler-got-hurt.jpg for post 77775Image (1) Derek-Carr-Fresno-State-594x395.jpg for post 232615One of the more popular NFL podcasts we had in 2013 was Josh Norris and Evan Silva of Rotoworld talking about the NFL. So we brought them back to discuss the end of the NFL season, free agency and of course, the draft. [Obligatory SUBSCRIBE to the PODCAST mention.] The topics, in order:

* What’s up with the love for Derek Carr of Fresno State? Forget 1st round, people are talking Top 10, maybe No. 1 overall! Also, he’s going to shred USC.
* We jump right into Jay Cutler. Keep him? Franchise tag him? Trade him? The Bears have options. You already know my thoughts.
* The Bengals are rolling, but would they draft a QB in May if Dalton falters again in the playoffs? Because he’ll be looking for an extension.
* The 2013 NFL RB class has been very strong. It was deeper than anticipated. Does OSU’s Carlos Hyde lead the 2014 class?
* Briefly, a discussion on Alshon Jeffery and receivers. Fit matters so much more than people talk about. Does Alshon Jeffery thrive if the Jets take him?
* Yes, we talk about the Jets and Geno Smith … because every NFL podcast must talk about the Jets.
* Which NFL team that made the playoffs last year, but will miss it this year – Vikings, Redskins, Falcons, Texans – has the largest uphill climb?

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