Football-Shaped Summer Sausage is Your Football Fill For the Day

Football shaped summer sausage

For many of you, Saturday afternoon began with a cold, depressing reminder after pressing “guide” on your remote that there will be absolutely no football had today, save for the Army-Navy game.

College hoops? Sure. Michigan-Arizona kicked things off at noon, but that just served as a stark reminder that all we have left are 106 bowl games, and we have to wait for those. So for now, right here, this football-shaped summer sausage from the Vermont Country Store — complete with lacing and stitching — is the only football you’ll be getting.

The thing weighs 17 oz., so if you place an order for one, you could probably get a fun game of catch going with your young son or nephew until he inevitably dips it in mustard and takes a heaping bite out of it.

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