LeSean McCoy's Brother: Shady Learned His Nifty Moves By Playing With a Rottweiler

Philadelphia Eagles vs Detroit Lions

Al Tielemans /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

LeSean McCoy is typically and clearly one of the better athletes each time he takes the football field, but his freakishness was on full display last week as he effortlessly frolicked through the snow for 217 yards and two touchdowns in the 34-20 Eagles victory over the Lions. How did he get so fast and elusive?

“When we were kids we had this Rottweiler. Big dog. His name was Zeus,” McCoy’s older brother LeRon told Jeff McLane at the Philadelphia Inquirer. “LeSean is about six years younger than me and we used to go to this football field across the street from my house and take our dog for a walk. And I would tell LeSean, ‘Bring your pads, your helmet, and a ball.’ ”

As the story goes, the dog was harmless but the young McCoy didn’t necessarily realize that and he’d spend his days shaking and baking to no avail. Facetiously, LeRon claims that these exercises had some influence on his brother’s football acumen.

[Philadelphia Inquirer]

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