New England Loses to Miami, Dolphins Fans (and Bengals and Broncos) Celebrate

D. Maniac Dolphins fan during New England game

D. Maniac can party now that the Dolphins have defeated the Patriots, as Michael Thomas picked off Tom Brady in the end zone on fourth down with 2 seconds left.

Miami moves to 8-6 and temporarily in the lead in the last wildcard spot. It also means that the Patriots have not clinched the AFC East with only two weeks left. Fans in San Diego are not happy, as this basically means that Miami must lose the next two weeks for San Diego to have any chance.

Meanwhile, just like that, the Brady MVP talk because he is quarterback for the #1 seed can end. The Broncos are again leading the AFC, and with a win tonight, the Bengals can actually move into the #2 seed with two weeks left.

Tom Brady intercepted at the end of Miami game

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