Michelle Beadle vs. AJ Lee: Real Argument or WWE Stunt?

Michelle Beadle vs. AJ Lee, the girlfriend of WWE superstar CM Punk? Yes, this appears to have been a thing over the weekend. If you were paying attention to Mack Brown, the Heisman Trophy and the NFL, here’s the Beadle/Lee recap in a nutshell, and keep in mind I haven’t paid attention to wrestling since it was the WWF and Ricky the Dragon Steamboat was as popular as half the NFL and Jake the Snake Roberts had the coolest move on TV:

Beadle was hosting something wrestling-related. She went up to her friend a wrestler named CM Punk and said hello. Punk’s girlfriend, the ravishing AJ Lee, got angry. Jealous? Feeling threatened? Was this all one giant stunt? Who knows. Lee allegedly went off on Beadle, and might have been restrained according to wrestling insider Dave Meltzer:

“Several sources in WWE said A.J. Lee cursed out Michelle Beadle in front of many people on Wednesday at the Tribute to the Troops show. It’s been the talk of people backstage at the show, both wrestlers and non-wrestlers. There’s public damage control of the story going on and as far as what happens, who knows.”

It’s unclear if video has surfaced yet. Beadle tweeted a lot about the incident:

Ok, back to your regularly-scheduled Romo bashing, already in progress.

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