Roundup: News Anchor Signs Off with F-Bomb, Carol Alt Rips Kate Upton; Top 25 Beers of 2013

heather grahamHeather Graham … RIP actor Peter O’TooleCarol Alt slams Kate Upton … pretty neat story about comedian Sarah Silverman and her father … writer thinks maybe Santa shouldn’t be a white man anymore? … fitness laws from Laird Hamilton … doctors conclude James Bond was an ‘impotent drunk‘ … a photographer walked around the perimeter of NYC one day … are you running the Tips for Jesus instagram account? … “the Selling of Attention Deficit Disorder” … Top 25 beers of 2013 … can’t believe they’re making the Naked Gun

If you went to bed early, the Steelers held on to beat the Bengals, 30-20. [Post Gazette]

You have a better chance of hitting two hole in ones in a row than winning the Mega Millions jackpot, which has swollen to over $500 million. [LA Times]

Does anyone know what Ruben Amaro is doing in Philadelphia? [Philly.com]

Quarterback Everett Golson has returned to Notre Dame after a season-long suspension for academic conduct. [South Bend Tribune]

Very good read on Robinson Cano’s life and career. [Seattle Times]

Rajon Rondo probably has a future in coaching, also, he’s great at Connect 4. [Globe]

There was a drug bust at a house … owned by Roy Williams? [ABC News]

Yes, it’s a longshot that Jim Harbaugh leaves for Texas, but here’s a list of reasons it could happen. [SI]

The YES Network will no longer air Mike Francesa’s radio show. In its place, YES will show Michael Kay’s terrible show. [Newsday]

How did an 18-year old high school kid break the Ricky Nolasco signing and the Doug Fister trade last week? [Globe]

Sam Thompson of Ohio State is one of the best dunkers in the country.

News anchor forgot that his mic was live after the show was over. F-word slips out. [via Cartmaniak]

These two people were fine, but police are reminding everyone to stay inside your car next to the roadway.

Lions stalk and attack Buffalo; then, one of the Buffalo’s friends comes up and tosses a lion around like a rag doll.

Jrue Holiday with a nasty spin move for the Pelicans last night. Denver won, 102-93.

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