Many of the Miami Dolphins Did Not Even Know Who Michael Thomas, the Man Who Intercepted Tom Brady, Was

Tom Brady intercepted at the end of Miami game

Michael Thomas saved the Dolphins season by intercepting Tom Brady on his fourth down pass into the end zone. Many of his teammates did not even know his name. Bryant McKinnie wondered who Number 31 was. Jared Odrick did not know his first name. Mike Wallace called him Michael Jordan.

I’m kind of surprised that nobody has made a Miami Vice connection at this point–(Philip) Michael Thomas.

Thomas is a great story. That interception came in his first ever NFL game. He was signed off San Francisco’s practice squad on Tuesday, because of injuries in the secondary. By the end of the game, the safety was pressed into action as the last man up as a nickel corner, because of injuries in the game to Brent Grimes and Nolan Carroll. He knew he was going to get tested by Brady, and in the end, caused Brady to drop some choice curse words in the post-game press conference. That’s a pretty good day.

The Dolphins celebrate one of the Patriots shitty plays

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