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Steve Spurrier Takes Revenge On Players For Gatorade Baths

The HBC doesn’t get mad. He gets even. Steve Spurrier had Gatorade dumped on him following South Carolina’s win over Clemson. He took his revenge on one of the players, safety Kyle Fleetwood, by dumping an ice bucket on him during a special teams meeting. He’s still waiting to get Kelcy Quarles.

Spurrier isn’t a huge fan of the practice.

“The players realize it’s not all that funny to get hit with that thing. Have y’all ever been hit with one? It’s not a lot of fun unless you’re expecting it. If you’re expecting it, you get your Gortex on, and ‘alright hit me!’ But when you’re not, the other day they got me it came all the way down my visor, my hat, it took awhile to get out. That’s okay. You notice some coaches say, ‘you can hit me on the back, but don’t hit my hair.’ There’s some of those out there. You’ve probably seen those coaches that don’t get hit in the hair.”

[HT @Jorge_Stevens via Campus Union]

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