The Jason McIntyre Show: Chip Brown of Orangebloods Talks Mack Brown and Texas

Chip BrownThere’s nobody more plugged in to what’s going on at the University of Texas right now than Chip Brown of Orangebloods.com. Who is Chip Brown, and how did he come to dominate the hottest story in college football? He came on the podcast to talk about his journalism background – which will surprise you – and what really happened to Mack Brown last week. No, I couldn’t get him to venture a guess on who the next coach will be because … well, you’ll hear why. Hint: It involves nutjobs on twitter.

* Chip Brown went to SMU, and he was not going into journalism, and then the football scandal hit. And Chip Brown went into journalism.
* When he left college, Chip Brown covered Texas politics. For about 10 years.
* He ended up at the Dallas Morning News in the late 90s, when the paper had a strong sports department, full of people you see on TV now.
* In 2008, he left for Orangebloods, which as considered a “wild move” by his colleagues.
* We briefly talk about the fluidity of reporting on things, but I’m sure some of you will hate that.
* The Mack Brown story has many angles, but you need to know this: Saturday morning, after Mack Brown didn’t step down, the big monied boosters (read: billionaires) essentially went to the school President and said: You’re not going to get our donations unless Mack Brown is gone. That really happened.
* So, couldn’t that happen during the coaching search? Chip Brown doesn’t think it’ll happen.
* Names he’s hearing now: Gus Malzahn and Jimbo Fisher (I don’t see either happening)
* Names he’s not hearing now: Mike Gundy, James Franklin, and Charlie Strong. Could they be ‘next tier’ after swinging for the fences? Sure.
* As for an NFL coach leaving for the Texas job, I ask if that’s ever happened. He says Pete Carroll. Now that I’ve looked it up… Carroll took a year off after getting fired by the Patriots to take the USC job.

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