College Basketball

UC Irvine's Giant Center Mamadou Ndiaye Stood Near Oregon's Diminutive Guard Jonathan Loyd

Mamadou-Ndiaye- Johnathan-Loyd

Mamadou Ndiaye, the UC Irvine freshman, is listed at 7-foot-6. Apparently he’s sprouted since he was the tallest high school basketball player in the country back when he was a reasonable 7-foot-5. Jonathan Loyd, an Oregon senior, is listed at 5-foot-8.

During Tuesday’s game between their teams, Ndiaye and Loyd crossed paths. The resulting picture is a recreation of the time that Snookie had to hold JWoww back after someone threw a drink on her in season 2 of Jersey Shore. Yeah, that’s a Jersey Shore reference in 2013. Can you believe it has only been 4 years since Jersey Shore premiered? Time sure flies. [@daviesphoto]

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