Roundup: It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - RunwayToronto nailed by an ice storm … AK-47 Creator dies from something other than gun violence … Percentage of employed young people falls below 50 percent … Real Estate Agents are probably having sex on your bed … and soon to be replaced by aerial drones … An excerpt from a book about penises … Jerry Seinfeld is writing deliberately bad car commercials … Mainstream country songs are indistinguishable … High School QB quits after third concussion in two years … Last minute sports stocking-stuffers … Pussy Riot members are freed … Crossing the South Pole on a tricycle … Why Mall Santas are a good investment

Von Miller is out for the season with a torn ACL. [USA Today]

Florida Man and “militant atheist” to sue town for refusing to display Festivus pole in Holiday arrangement. [The Pulp]

Staten Island wife reports husband’s bar’s Super Bowl pool to State Liquor Authority. Not sure where he goes to drink that one off.  [NYPost]

Johnathan Martin, infused with the holiday spirit, broke his twitter silence. [Buzzer]

Average GTA player causes $132,000 worth of simulated damage, per minute. [Shortlist]

The Atlantic wants to bring back mistletoe, displays callous disregard for the spread of communicable disease. [The Atlantic]

The NBA has finally realized inciting teams to tank may not be the best route. The wheel concept may be a replacement. [Grantland]

Christian hipsters are real, and probably not so spectacular. [NPR]

Macy’s has a hidden Black Santa, who is still the real Santa.  [Animal]

Ohio State lineman details abuse his body takes on week to week basis, without compensation. [Buckeye Extra]

Urban locavore eggs contain potentially dangerous amounts of lead. [ScienceMag]

Commercial Airlines, for the first time in recent memory, are fighting the good fight. [NY Daily News]

Because there’s one more sleep till Christmas

Because what would Christmas be without a little Tesh in a discordant locale?

Because even geniuses have their off days…years…decades…

Because pensive George Michael in a fur hood…

Because you surely have not heard it…

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