The Best Catches of the 2013 Season: From (A)lshon Jeffery to De(Z) Bryant

The 2013 season again provided ample evidence of just how athletic and ridiculous NFL receivers are. Every week produced big catches, great touchdowns, and amazing plays. Here are our favorites. (spoiler: not pictured, Darrius Heyward-Bey).

Calvin Johnson, desperation heave, into triple coverage against Cincinnati. Not many would be open here.


Golden Tate came up with the one handed catch plus got both feet in right before the end line, and maintained control.


Pierre Garçon went with the leaping one handed catch here against Denver. High degree of difficulty on this one.


Dez Bryant had many candidates. Here’s one of his touchdowns, reaching back one handed and keeping it pinned as he went to the ground.

Dez Bryant ridiculous catch against the Lions-a

Vincent Jackson went one handed on the deep throw, and still kept his balance to then run in for the touchdown.

Vincent Jackson touchdown against Falcons-b

Andre Johnson gets bonus points as this one came against Patrick Peterson after the tip.

Andre Johnson touchdown catch over Patrick Peterson-b

Alshon Jeffery blew up this year, and quickly emerged as having some of the best hands in the league. He had this one against Dallas on a twisting attempt in the back corner.

Alshon Jeffrey unbelievable catch against Cowboys-c

Jeffery also clamped down on this one against Minnesota and then kept the ball in a vice as he went to the ground on the deep pass from Josh McCown.


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