Florida Woman Doesn't Like Price of Walmart Skateboard, Swings Skateboard at Walmart Employee

Wal-Mart Targets New City After Being Ousted From Inglewood

Walmart in Florida the week before Christmas just sounds like a recipe for disaster. Maria Desimone should have known better. Desimone just wanted a skateboard. And she wanted to pay a fair price for that skateboard. Walmart did not offer what she felt was a fair price so she took it out on the employee. From Click Orlando:

According to police, the associate was assisting another customer when Desimone approached her and was upset about the price of a skateboard. Desimone began cursing at the woman and swung the board as if she was going to hit her, police said.

The sales associate pointed her finger at Desimone, who then threatened to kill her, according to police.

I’m not sure why, but the finger-pointing detail might be the funniest detail in the story. Desimone was later arrested on battery charges.

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