Andy Dalton Threw His Fourth Interception at Goal Line, Bengals Will Probably Win Anyway

Andy Dalton throws 4th interception against Baltimore

Andy Dalton, winner. Throwing interceptions to the score.

This is his fourth interception, on what is normally a low percentage but safe play. Put it up to the sideline where only your guy can get it, or it’s out of bounds. This was on first and goal from right on the goal line.

Cincinnati is still up 27-17 and just intercepted Flacco, so the Bengals should win.

Here are the other three, for posterity.

Andy Dalton interception number 1 against Ravens

Don’t worry, he usually plays better in the playoffs.

Andy Dalton interception number 2 against Ravens

Wait, maybe I am thinking of someone else.

Andy Dalton intercepted for a 3rd time by Baltimore

Because you want to see it first!

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