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Jesse Palmer Had to Give Chris Fowler the Heimlich Maneuver Yesterday

chris fowlerJesse Palmer

There may not be a member of the sports media as universally well-regarded as Chris Fowler, and we almost lost him yesterday when he nearly choked on the chicken sandwich he was eating at halftime of the Pinstripe Bowl. Thankfully, Fowler’s ESPN co-worker and former Bachelor prize Jesse Palmer stepped in and played the hero. As ESPN details:

“It happened in the green room/viewing room behind ESPN’s outdoor set during halftime … I was watching Chris chew his food, and his eyes began to get big,” said the former Florida Gator, Palmer, who had never performed the Heimlich before. “He tried to swallow some water to clear his throat, then he had a look of panic on his face.”

Senior ESPN coordinating producer Ed Placey was on the scene as well, and described Palmer as having “cat-quick reflexes”.

For his part, Fowler demonstrated a sense of humor about the whole ordeal:

If you missed Ty Duffy’s story a few weeks ago going behind the scenes to describe the process of what makes Fowler and College Gameday so consistently excellent, now’s your chance to correct that egregious error.

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