18 Delightful Entries From Lana Berry's Christmas Eve #2013Faves Tweeting Binge

lana berry

Lana Berry

Over the past week or so, the #2013Faves hashtag has been ubiquitous on Twitter, and there have been a bevy of highlights that are wonderful for those of us who are inveterate junkies of the medium — and may or may not mean much at all to the people who aren’t.

No one’s compositions in this area had the sheer quality, volume, and reverberating effect as Lana Berry’s. On Christmas Eve alone, she sent out at least 107 of them, accumulating 3,811 Retweets and 5,548 Favorites on the ones I counted. She estimates that she gained 2,000 followers on the day, which is substantial considering that many people would receive harsh lectures from family members for compulsive Internetting.

Speaking of that, how did Lana’s family feel about her spending the holiday with us instead of them?

“My family is really small and they all live near me so holidays aren’t really a big family event for us,” she tells The Big Lead. “We had dinner on Christmas Eve but that was about it. They always expect me to be on Twitter anyway.”

Check out Lana’s feed if you want all the gory details — in chronological order, here’s 18 of them that stood out:

1. Olive branch (stemming from this incident)

2. Cup check

3. Pau Gasol subscribes to Herm Edwards’ gameplan

4. Programming conflict

5. Eyewitness report

6. Decency standards

7. Valuable mentorship

8. Honorable mention

9. Reading comprehension

10. Sounds like riveting television

11. JR Smith is a gentleman and a scholar

12. Unforeseeable tragedy

13. Tact and timing

14. Relaxation

15. Unconventional blocking technique

16. Rare accolades

17. Appetizing

18. Selective intolerance

Lana Berry is a freelance marketing consultant in Texas. She visited Rob Gronkowski’s ladies-only football clinic and lived to blog about it, and her writing on the Texas Rangers will appear in the upcoming edition of Baseball Prospectus.

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