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Crazy Bama Mom Flipped Double-Middle Fingers While Her Teenage Son Appeared to Taunt Oklahoma Fans

Here is your crazy Alabama cougar update. The video above comes from one of the Oklahoma fans who was on the receiving end of the Alabama mom’s attack. As you can see, she is seen dancing and giving the Oklahoma fans double-middle fingers. Then as the camera pans to the right, there appears to be a teenage boy asking the opposing fans to bring it. Now, without further adu, are both sides of the story.

According to Alabama news site, Yellowhammer, the woman in the original video is a local photographer and mother of three. She spoke with the site and gave her side of the story:

“Everyone’s making me look like such a bad guy,” Pritchett said. “What I did was probably not the thing to do. But they were taunting us. They began by going after me. But then they crossed the line and started taunting my 16-year-old son.”

She also says she had a few drinks, but was not intoxicated. And she would do it all again.

Our own Ryan Glasspiegel (through some other site he contributes for) got in touch with one of the Oklahoma fans who appeared to be on the receiving end of the Bama mom attack. Via Hot Clicks:

At one point she went up to get a beer, and was kind of talking s— to us when she got back. She just kept flicking us off and stuff during the game. A few times, my friend yelled in the direction of her group of ‘Bama fans, “I yell ‘Roll Tide’ when I eff my cousin,” but since she was the only one standing it seemed like it was directed only at her.

Eventually her son, who weighs about 120 pounds, told us to come up and fight him. We were like, “No, come down here.”

That was when the woman came down and the video started. She was screaming at me, and sticking her tongue out at me so I asked, “Are you trying to make out with me?” And my friend was yelling “Kiss her! Kiss her!”

Then the original video took place. Now that we have both sides of the story, it sure sounds like no one is right, but one party sure sounds more wrong.

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