Kendall Marshall Finished His Excellent First Start As Lakers Point Guard By Breaking an Unwritten Rule of Basketball!

Kendall Marshall, the former North Carolina Tar Heel, became the sixth starting point guard  of the season for the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night at the Staples Center. The second year point guard who was just called up from the D-League, scored 20 points and dished out 15 assists with just one turnover in a 110-99 win over the Jazz.

Of course, nothing is perfect. Marshall finished the game with a fast break layup when the game was no longer in doubt. It was not quite as flashy as Evan Turner’s 360-dunk on December 29th, but at least Turner did it in a 2-possession game. Hopefully, Nick Young and the rest of the Lakers veterans spent the rest of the night withholding congratulations on his excellent game because of Marshall’s inexcusable breach of basketball etiquette.

And here are the full highlights of Marshall’s game because really, it was a pretty great performance from a team desperately in need of a full-time point guard.

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