New York Times Picks This Weekend's Loss to Go After Michael Vick for His Involvement in Dogfighting

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The New York Times has gone all-in against a backup quarterback that did not play in a Wild Card game over the weekend. Juliet Macur, an investigative reporter who focuses on cycling, wrote about Michael Vick and his dogfighting connections. This has the feel of something designed to gain attention with, I don’t know, a book about Lance Armstrong coming out from the same author.

If the Eagles cut him loose this off-season, teams considering giving him a third chance in the N.F.L. should be required to look past his strong left arm, his nimble feet and his potentially cost-effective upside.

They should remember this: Vick was the mastermind behind his dogfighting operation. He bankrolled it, gave it a home base, encouraged it.

Breaking stuff here that people likely forgot. This may not have been a relevant hot sports take, but it brought the heat and certainly will generate discussion, although perhaps for all the wrong reasons. Macur also ties in the examples of Riley Cooper and Sean Payton from the same playoff game.

Apparently, she’s not a fan of a feel-good story. All were punished to varying degrees for something they did or said, but assuming Vick latches on to another team – a safe assumption, given the QB struggles around the NFL – all three will be in the NFL next season. It’s not exactly a surprise – or an outcome tied only to the NFL – that talented people are more easily forgiven for their faults and wrongdoings.

Teams should remember that Michael Vick was involved in dogfighting, and served time in federal prison. They should also remember that selling books is a competitive business, where anything goes as well.

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