Over 47 Million People Watched Sunday's 49ers/Packers Wild Card Game

Packers almost block FG in NFC Wildcard

Over 47 million viewers watched Sunday’s Wild Card game between the 49ers and Packers in frigid Green Bay. It was the highest-rated television program in America since last year’s Super Bowl and the most-watched Wild Card round game in over 25 years.

Figure the cold temperatures, close scoreline and the end of the holiday season played into these astronomically huge numbers. Realistically, what else are you going to do on a Sunday night when it’s 10 degrees outside in January? Watch a ‘Bar Rescue’ marathon? Read? Contract hypothermia taking down the Christmas lights?

Consider this another reminder that the NFL is the undisputed king on television. It might be the only programming left that’s immune to the DVR, streaming and every other technological advancement that has people thinking twice about paying for cable.

Hey, we might not know what constitutes a catch anymore, yet we still tune in.

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