Celebrate Frank Thomas Getting Voted Into the Hall of Fame With "Big Hurt Beer"

Frank Thomas was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame today. Thomas was understandably excited about the news, but how should you, the average fan, celebrate Thomas’ selection? With a 6-pack of Frank Thomas’ signature brew of course! That’s right, “Big Hurt Beer” is a thing.

There is BHB Original, an Imperial lager that is 7% abv and BBH MVP, an American lager that is 5%abv. Now Thomas and his brewer friends can get back into the lab and come up with BHB HOF! You can support Big Hurt Beer at the official website or Facebook page. That’s where I got this picture of the “Sassy Big Hurt Beer Girls in NY.”


Finally, here is a song about Big Hurt Beer. Because Big Hurt Beer is the type of beverage that inspires songs.

Because you want to see it first!

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