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Watch How Auburn's Final Play in the BCS Championship Nearly Set Up to Perfection

tre mason last play bcs
Here’s a screengrab of the final play of the BCS National Championship game, when Auburn needed to go the length of the field for a touchdown. And you know what? The wacky play that Gus Malzahn drew up actually looked kind of good for a fleeting moment. A wall of blockers. A field of green. And Tre Mason‘s blazing speed. A GIF is below.

What went wrong? Amazingly, the Auburn blockers appeared too far ahead of the play. Florida State players came swarming from the side, and Mason probably made his cutback a little early, and too deep into the middle. Even so, way down the field, probably near the FSU 30-yard line, were two defenders. But if Mason hugs the sideline, how much of a chance does this have?

Auburn final play of BCS
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