Blake Griffin Violently Dunked On Kris Humphries (It Wasn't a Dunk, But It Was Still Awesome)

Blake Griffin dunked on Kris Humphries. I mean, he didn’t totally, completely dunk on Kris Humphries, but he definitely dunked on Humphies. From WAY out away from the rim. It looked a lot like the time Griffin Mozgov’d Kendrick Perkins. You might remember the great Dunk vs. No Dunk debate of 2012. (That was nearly 2 full years ago!) Who cares if the rim was touched? All that matters is that Humphries was violated. And DeAndre Jordan walked away like he witnessed a murder he did not understand.

Can we see that in GIF form?

Blake Griffin posterizes Chris Humphries-a

Wow. Again?

Blake Griffin posterizes Chris Humphries-b


Blake Griffin posterizes Chris Humphries-c

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