John Smoltz is Still Bitter He Wasn't Included in the "Chicks Dig the Longball" Commercial

Longtime Atlanta Braves teammates Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux were voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Wednesday. The pair were on MLB Network Wednesday by phone to talk about it, along with their other famed 90s Atlanta rotation-mate, John Smoltz. Smoltz retired in 2009, a year after Glavine and Maddux, so he has to wait another year until his name is listed on the BBWAA ballot.

Smoltz will be an interesting case for voters, since his career was so unusual, going from starter to closer and then back to starter. He was good in both roles, leading the National League in wins twice and saves once. He’s right on the cusp, but I’d argue if I had one game to pitch in the playoffs the ball might go to Smoltz over Glavine or Maddux. Smoltz is now an analyst and apparently media-friendly, so perhaps that bodes well for his case for Cooperstown.

Anyways, Smoltz still seemed upset he wasn’t included in the duo’s memorable, “Chicks Dig the Longball” Nike commercial (more on that in a second). Credit Glavine with a solid zinger on his ex-teammate telling him, “Chicks dig the long ball, not the bald spot.”

Here’s the ad, which stood out at the time in the post 1994 player’s strike. Another thought: how many current baseball players in 2014 would be featured in an ad like this? (Also, yes, that’s Heather Locklear in the mix.)

This screencap serves as a good reminder how most people in America didn’t seem very outraged that players might have been using artificial means to help pump up their home run totals during the era:


The 90s, man.

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