Ric Flair Has Received Death Threats from Thoughtful Panther Fans, Will Not Attend Sunday's Game in Carolina

Ric Flair Panthers 49ers

Ric Flair gave a pep talk to the 49ers last Saturday night on the eve of their playoff game in Green Bay. Fans and players alike appeared to enjoy the unexpected surprise — Woooos were running rampant across the country — but Carolina receiver Steve Smith took exception to the perceived heel turn and so did some emotionally tender Panther fans, who have apparently been sending death threats to the Nature Boy.

Yes, fans of a football team are sending death threats to a 64-year-old retired professional wrestler because he danced and shouted “woooo” multiple times to their upcoming opponent. Inspiring stuff. You may now feed yourself a healthy dose of undetectable poison.

With Flair officially out of the equation for Sunday’s game, two important questions do remain:

1) Should the Panthers win on Sunday, do the players celebrate in the locker room with their signature “two claps and a Nature Boy, wooooooo” routine?
2) If the 49ers win, does Flair sprint out of the tunnel to celebrate with Jim Harbaugh by punting cats into the stands?

These are not easy questions to answer, not for any man. It’s just too bad there won’t be any captivating shots of Flair sitting in a suite and laughing it up while attempting to build a pyramid out of Miller High Life cans.

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