Roundup: Justin Verlander Had Surgery; Game of Thrones Season 4 is Coming; Two-Headed Whales Wash Ashore

sidonibiemont4Sidonie Biemont. … No big deal: a two-headed whale washed ashore in Mexico this week. … Justin Verlander had “core muscle repair” surgery Thursday in Philadelphia, Tigers expect him ready by Opening Day. … No. 1 Arizona held off UCLA, remains unbeaten. … 15 finalists named for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. … Eric Bledsoe out windefinitely after surgery. … Chris Christie at center of controversy. … Disgraced Philly sportswriter Bill Conlin dead at 79. … Another fun-sounding arrest in Florida. … NASL player traded for hotel accommodations. … Daniel Synder is still a jerk … Sure. …. More and more people are moving to Oregon. … Pictures of frozen Niagara Falls are always cool. … A-Rod has his Plan B when/if his suspension is upheld. … Another fun story out of Russia, as we zero in on the Sochi Games. … More than 50 percent of Congress members now have a net worth over $1 million. … These time-lapse GIFs are cool, if not depressing. … Lego Simpsons are now going to be a thing. … Happy Birthday Willie McCovey (76); Rod Stewart (69); Donald Fagen (66); George Foreman (65); Janet Jones (53); Buff Bagwell (44); Glenn ‘Big Dog‘ Robinson (41); Jake Delhomme (39), Abbey Clancy (28). … Enjoy the weekend, do something fun.

Game of Thrones will return April 6/Boardwalk Empire‘s fifth season will be its last. (Mike Judge has a new show on HBO, too.) [AV Club]

Woman houses a 72-ounce steak in under three minutes. [Hyper Vocal]

The Duck Dynasty guys have some fun #tbt style photos and author of this piece contends they are “Made-for-TV Rednecks.”[Washington Monthly]

One Hall of Fame leftover, thought Ray Ratto did a good job here. [CSN Bay Area]

WWE Network, $9.99 per month*? Could it start a la carte programming? [The Verge]

True Detective is drawing high marks. McConaughey playing a character named Rust Cohle? How could this not be great?!? [Slate]

Breaking down four of the top QBs in the 2014 draft class. [Rotoworld]

Gerard Butler might do a Point Break remake set in the world of extreme sports. (The appropriate reaction to reading this development.)  [Variety]

Ranking the Couples in the latest Cialis ad. (No love for The Malibu Road Band?) [Uproxx]

Yahoo! is planning to produce more original content. [WSJ]

Five possibilities for that ultra top-secret Jerry Seinfeld/Larry David project. [Rolling Stone]

ICP filed a lawsuit vs. the FBI this week, the ACLU is involved. [NYT]

A review of Taco Bell’s Grilled Stuft Nacho. [Vice]

Burrito vending machines, sorta good idea, terrible execution. [Red Ticket Blues]

The best (and worst) feelings in sports. [700 Level]

Archer fans will like this (or find something minor that was left out and complain about, direct your complaints to Uproxx.)

So … this happened on the Price Is Right. [via Guyism]

An interview with “Jan” from Toyota.

Skiing in Detroit’s abandoned buildings is apparently a thing now.

Dennis Rodman has been in the news this week. Let’s remember once upon a time it was a big deal when he wrestled Karl Malone in WCW. Like paying $29.95 for a PPV kind of big deal.

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