Bud Light Has Clearly Taken Sides in Manning vs. Brady, Gets Half the Championship Game Teams Right

The Four Championship Game teams, according to Bud Light

Somebody has been consuming a bit too much of the own product. Bud Light, still giddy over Peyton Manning endorsing his use of their product last night after the game, updated us on who is still alive in the NFL playoffs with the following photo that was sent out (It was deleted shortly thereafter, but of course lives on in those of us who take screen grabs and those manual re-tweets). This is something they did last week as well, when we were down to eight teams, managing to get that one right.

This time around, though, Bud Light was about as accurate as a Tim Tebow pass. Two out of four ain’t bad.

Here is a screen grab of the full original tweet:

Bud Light is drunk

Because you want to see it first!

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