Video Footage of Wilt Chamberlain Scoring 100 Points Might Exist

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The most interesting basketball passage written this weekend? It involves Josh Pastner, Wilt Chamberlain and the possibility of never-before-seen footage of one of the most impressive feats in NBA history. From the Delaware County Daily Times:

“My father was a ball boy for the Sixers for many, many years,” Josh Pastner said. “And he and Wilt Chamberlain were very close. Wilt always felt someone was trying to get him by poisoning his drinks, and he always drank 7-Up or Sprite. So he made my dad taste (his drink) before he would take it and make sure my dad didn’t conk out.”

“My father and his father (Sid) taped the game on reel-to-reel in the second quarter when it was in Hershey, the 100-point game (in 1962), because they thought it would be a special night,” Pastner said. “And they gave it to Wilt, the 100-point game, and Wilt gave it back to my dad’s dad.

“He boxed it up, and he has all sorts of boxes. He doesn’t know if he has lost it, but he’s trying to find the sucker.”

It’s impossible to even begin to put a value on what this video would be worth. You can be sure that every television outlet that matters is already in contact with Pastner about the mere possibility that it exists. Pastner needs to get a search party together and make this happen before March 2, which is the 52-year anniversary of Wilt’s 100-point game.

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