Jack Clark Files Motion to Have Albert Pujols Defamation Lawsuit Thrown Out


Jack Clark vs. Albert Pujols is the undercard on the MLB vs. A-Rod PED Superfight. In case you don’t remember the details, Clark — during his very brief stint as a St. Louis talkshow host — insinuated he “knew” Pujols was “a juicer” via third-party conversations. Pujols responded, filing a lawsuit for defamation against Clark, himself a former ex-Cardinal slugger in October.

Clark’s first course of action was challenging Pujols to a lie detector test. Now it appears he’s taking a more tradition move, filing his own motion to get Pujols’ lawsuit thrown out.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports Clark filed a suit on Monday in St. Louis County Circuit Court, alleging “that the suit filed in October didn’t properly identify the elements of defamation or properly identify Pujols.”

But it gets even better since Clark’s suit includes this humorous contention:

Among other things, the motion points out that the juicer comment isn’t defamatory, because the term could have many meanings, including, “in its most innocent sense, one who liquefies fruit and fruit pulp for oral consumption.”

Hell, this could be the entire plot of the rumor Jerry Seinfeld/Larry David Broadway show. I was talking about juice!

On a more serious note, it still seems unlikely that Pujols’ lawsuit – regardless of Clark’s motion on Monday – goes to court. It would be fascinating to see if Pujols took the stand in his own defense. As per usual, PEDs are something baseball simply can’t shake. Other sports should count their blessings in this regard on a daily basis.

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