Jim Caldwell is the New Coach of the Detroit Lions

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis ColtsJim Caldwell has been named the head coach of the Detroit Lions, ESPN reports. Caldwell, last seen on a 2-14 Indianapolis team the year Peyton Manning sat out following neck surgery, was nudged into the Detroit job by Tony Dungy, the NBC Sports analyst. Detroit’s braintrust values Dungy’s opinion, and by all accounts, leaned on him for advice during the hiring process.

Caldwell has a rich history of coaching QBs. He’s done so at Penn State, Tampa Bay, Indianapolis (on Dungy’s staff), and in Baltimore. Caldwell was the offensive coordinator in Baltimore last season.

He’ll inherit a talented, underachieving team that collapsed last season when a division title was within reach. Hey, you could do a lot worse than Matt Stafford, Megatron and Suh as your Big 3.

The Lions have the 9th pick in the draft, and it feels like a receiver to compliment Calvin Johnson (Sammy Watkins?) or a defensive back.

Tajh Boyd to Sammy Watkins in the Orange Bowl

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