Brian Hartline Engaged to Girlfriend Kara Conard

ryan-tannehill-lauren-tannehill-brian-hartline-kara-conardBrian Hartline has a nice future ahead of him. The Miami Dolphins leading receiver owns and operates two Ohio convenience stores – just in case things don’t work out with his current 5-year $31 million deal with the Miami Dolphins. Of course, Hartline just finished his second straight season with over 1,000 yards so that seems unlikely. Especially if he continues to have onesie pajama parties with his quarterback.

In addition to investing in a second convenience store, Hartline also bought an engagement ring for his girlfriend, Kara Conard. So he also has that going for him. Both Conard and Hartline attended Ohio State. No word on whether or not Kara will be expected to work in the convenience stores. [h/t: Busted Coverage]

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