Lionel Messi Scored Another Trademark Solo Goal vs. Getafe


Lionel Messi doesn’t appear any worse for wear after an injury put him on the sidelines for a brief spell. Nor does he seem too bummed out about losing out on the Ballon d’Or to rival Cristiano Ronaldo on Monday. The Barcelona star was at his sublime best Thursday in the Copa del Rey against Getafe doing what he does best: scoring ridiculous goals.

Granted this goal wasn’t quite as on the same level as a previous tally vs. Getafe years ago, which drew comparisons to Diego Maradona’s famous goal vs. England in the 1986 World Cup. Even so, the Argentine ace dribbled through four (hapless) defenders and past the goalie, barely breaking a sweat in the process. As you’d guess, Barcelona won 2-0. Messi scored both of them.

Messi goal 2 vs Getafe-a

Just look how he rides off the first tackle that starts the movement. His legs never stop churning.

Here’s that goal from 2007 one more time. It remains timelessly amazing.

Poor Getafe, forever the Washington Generals to Messi’s Globetrotter-like exploits.

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